David L. Martins

Owner of DLM Recording Company

Studio Director/Head Engineer

Exec. Producer/Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Dave is an entrepreneur and multi business owner who has over 10 years of audio engineering experience. At the age of 14 he began working extensively on song-writing, recording, mixing and mastering music for himself and friends, later developing businesses to assist creatives in achieving and expanding their vision. In 2012 he opened DLM Recording Studio. David currently also owns nearby vinyl record, coffee and culture shop - Chamber 43, working as the stores lead record expert.

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Golden Era/90’s Era Hip-Hop, Vocal EFX and SFX, R&B, Drill, Modern Hip-Hop 

Musical and Vocal Production Influences:

Nas, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Big L,, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Electronica, Jedi Mind Tricks, Aesop Rock, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Melvins


Music & Audio Tracking & Mixing:

Cor Veleno, Fatboy SSE, Bennie Bates, LA Love the Boss, SUNNIE, Ed RiCH & Lil Larceni, Rico Balla, 732 Cash, SLYCK, MellyFlacko, Dex Amora, Lani Lux, Mike Hardy, Once More Autumn, Steve Braxton, GQ Capone, Jay Gwuapo,Tony DENT, Tyler Jackson, AYANA, Kale Dreamz, Kermit Moss Jr.,  Melly Flacko,Lucid, Fame, Jay Gatsby, Nickey Stringz, Kari, Mona Brea, The KhanArtist, G-Tan, Dayshore, Rah, Melvin Killit, Millz Vigilante, Rek Liss, Tru3Stories, Angelo, Avarex  

Film Audio: 

  • Lionsgate & Bluegrass Films for Mark Wahlberg film, "Patriot’s Day"  

  • Chor Bazaar Trailer | Akash Puri,Gehnna Sippy | B.Jeevan Reddy | Karthik | Darshan | I V Productions

  • Quinn Shepherd & Samuel Goldwyn Films for Tribeca Film Festival Feature “Blame", New Jersey 101.5, Duke’s Dolls,

  • Gillette for Japanese Commercial 

  • Cream Productions for CNN Docu-series "The Story of Late Night

Andrew Milea

Recording/Mixing Engineer

Andrew Milea is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording and mix engineer, who has been writing and recording music for 18 years. Since he learned to play the guitar at age 12, he has been experimenting with multitrack recording, and has self-produced music from his band Wild Americans, multiple singles, and the full-length album One-Dimensional Man. Additionally, Andrew has recorded music for and with other New Jersey musicians such as The Mysteries and Del, Uncle Dojo, and Lou Panico. 

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Rock, VO, Hip-Hop, Indie, Folk, Pop, R&B,

Musical and Vocal Production Influences:

The Beatles, Parliament/Funkadelic, Tame Impala, The Meters, Muscle Schoals


Lou Panico, Atlee, Caleb Rumley Quartet, Wild Americans, The Mysteries and Del, Uncle Dojo.

Traudi 'Kunza' Lacunza

Recording/Mixing Engineer

A Peruvian immigrant hailing from North Jersey, Traudi “Kunza” Lacunza’s production style & sound is inspired by Hip Hop R&B, Soul, Latin Music, and numerous other genres. 
With his unique ear and deep passion for music from an early age, a certified knowledge in audio engineering, and countless studio sessions under his belt, he created Nu Ark Palace LLC.
Nu Ark Palace is ultimately a place he constructed, a palace in his mind. It is a place where all his ideas and creations live — an entire world where hopes & aspirations live without limitations.

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Hip-Hop, Vocal EFX and SFX, R&B, Drill, Modern Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggaeton

Musical and Vocal Production Influences:

Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Bad Bunny


Lil Kim, Treach, Kyrie Irving, Uncle Murda, Griselda, Flipp Dinero, Rich The Kid, Smoke DZA, Mariah Angelic

Melshawn Taylor

Exec. Producer & Record Producer

Melshawn is an entrepreneur who got his start in production by playing drums in church since when he was a kid, eventually translating his skills to a concert band. In high school, his priorities temporarily shifted towards his football career, before he realized “I wasn’t living for what I love and what loved me.” Music was that, and he soon developed a distinct sound for his beat production, working with artists across the nation producing for various projects along the east, and west coast.

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  Pop, Hip-Hop, Boom Bap, R&B, and more!

Musical and Vocal Production Influences:

Hit Boy, Oz, Wondagurl, South Side, J Dilla, Kanye West, Metro Boomin. Jake One


 Dougie F, T9INE, 732CASH, SHOTTA Spence, Cloudy Nueve  

Jimmy Fasulo

Tracking Engineer / Vocal Performance/ Characterization Coach

With 17 years of experience in vocal performance- ranging from Rap, Heavy Metal, Pop, Punk, R&B to Musical Theater- Jimmy is here to guide you through refining both your in studio and on stage vocal techniques, refine your delivery, and arguably most importantly, help you connect your voice with your spirit. Characterization is the process of introducing more of an artist’s personality into a song- certain delivery techniques can be used to humanize and create a more empathetic “Character” for the listener to relate to and build a bond with. If you are looking to improve your techniques, refresh your voice, or make sure you’re as present in your art as you can be- Jimmy is on call to work with you phrase by phrase to build a complete package of a vocal performance either behind the boards or strictly for education. Co-Owner at Chamber 43, a vinyl, record, coffee and culture shop.

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Vocal and Performance Coaching, Songwriting, Creative/Art Direction, Tracking Engineer

Musical and Vocal Production Influences:

Jurassic 5, You Me and Everyone We Know, Boyz II Men, Bryson Tiller, Sam Cooke, Dance Gavin Dance, Fall Out Boy


WAN2X, Savvy Gordie, Cheese, Reco, Ringwood, Ronx, SLYCK, Stephen Kelly of Mandancing, LOVEONACID, Ernston, Kenory Notes, Kari

Kermit Moss Jr.

Record Producer

Kermit Moss Jr. is a producer, DJ, performer and event curator from the Bronx, NY. He currently attends LIU in Brooklyn for music production  and studied business at Morehouse College for two years. He currently lives in New Jersey and has been producing music for over ten years. Kermit owns a creative agency, The Rooftop Club, that spotlights young creatives. He also produces many genres of music,  such as hip hip, R&B, boom bap, dance, trap, drill, etc. He is excited to work with talent coming to Monk Fidelity Sound Lab and Neon Monk Production House in the tri-state area.

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Record Producer

Amiri is a multimedia artist from Highland Park. He’s draws inspiration from J Dilla, Madlib, Knxwledge, Pierre Bourne and Metro Boomin.

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Brian Ramirez

Web Designer/Social Media Manager

Brian is our digital designer here at DLM Studios. 

He has over 10 years experience designing graphics for multiple artists in various genres across the country. Brian has created content for Chamber 43's social media & collaborative events.  Brian has started his own design firm SALMNDR, that focuses on graphic design such as websites, digital content, & merchandising.