"DLM Recording Studio is a high quality, beautiful studio space with an extremely professional and friendly staff. James and Justin have great ears for music and will make sure your recordings are sounding as good as possible. Also, they're just awesome dudes. I highly recommend working with them!

-Aaron Mughannam / Nematode

"I have recorded music in studios all around the world and I have to say DLM is top notch. They are prompt, organized and professional. If you’re a serious artist and serious about taking your music to the next level, DLM is the vehicle to get you there"

-Rahsheid White

"There’s a stereotype on online music forums that audio engineers are grumpy dorito-encrusted gremlins but DLM’s engineer Justin couldn’t be further from that. Super chill, clearly skilled. Good ear. Polite and thoughtful with feedback and most importantly, patient. This guy knows what he’s doing, and how he can push your music to reach another level. In the space of a few sessions at DLM, I’ve been able to create some of the best tracks of my whole career. After constant dissatisfaction with my USB recordings, lemme just say it is an amazing feeling to be proud of what you’re creating."

-Isaiah Haze

"I love coming here to record. I really feel like I’m becoming a better artist after every session. Justin is one of a kind when it comes to engineering. The staff is really supportive & the environment is cool."

-Darrell Rowlette

"Love the new team! Scheduling with the manager, James was a breeze and working with Justin during my 5 hour session was one of my favorite sessions. Location is super convenient and has free side street parking. Can't wait to work with you guys again!"

-Lani Lux

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