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David L. Martins

Owner of DLM Recording Company

Studio Director/Head Mixing Engineer of Monk Fidelity

Exec. Producer/Mastering Engineer of Neon Monk

Since childhood, David knew his home would reside within the music industry. As a recording artist looking to not only devote his life to creating, but also developing businesses to assist creatives in achieving their vision. In 2012, he opened DLM Recording Studio at the age of 18. David currently owns nearby vinyl record store - Chamber 43.


Music & Audio Tracking & Mixing 

Jay Guwapo, Cor Veleno, Fatboy SSE, Bennie Bates, Bu$h League,  Slyck TwoshadeZ

LA Love the Boss, SUNNIE, Ayanna Wild, Ed RiCH & Lil Larceni, Rico Balla, 732 Cash, MellyFlacko, Dex Amora, Lani Lux, Mike Hardy, Once More Autumn, Steve Braxton, GQ Capone, Tony DENT, Tyler Jackson, Kale Dreamz, Kermit Moss Jr., Melly Flacko,Lucid, Fame, Jay Gatsby, Two Geebz, Nickey Stringz, Kari, Mona Brea, The KhanArtist, G-Tan, Dayshore, Rah, Melvin Killit, Millz Vigilante, Rek Liss, Tru3Stories, Avarex  


Film Audio  

Lionsgate & Bluegrass Films for Mark Wahlberg film, "Patriot’s Day"  

Quinn Shepherd & Samuel Goldwyn Films for Tribeca Film Festival Feature “Blame", New Jersey 101.5, Duke’s Dolls,

Gillette for Japanese Commercial 

Cream Productions for CNN Docu-series "The Story of Late Night"



Golden Era/90’s Style Hip-Hop, Vocal EFX and SFX, R&B, Drill, Modern Hip-Hop , Foreign Hip-Hop