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Melshawn Taylor

Co-Owner of S7A Recording 

Exec. Producer & Record Producer


Melshawn “Mellyflacko” Taylor is the co-owner of S7A Recording and Production Services in East Brunswick, NJ operating as the studio’s Executive Producer and soon to be tracking engineer. Melshawn is an entrepreneur who got his start in production by playing drums in church since when he was a kid, eventually translating his skills to a concert band. In high school, his priorities temporarily shifted towards his football career, before he realized “I wasn’t living for what I love and what loved me.”  Music was that, and he soon developed a distinct sound for his beat production, working with artists across the nation producing for various projects along the east, and west coast. In 2020, Melshawn partnered with David L. Martins to open S7A, a multi room recording and teaching facility in East Brunswick.

Production Specialities

  Pop, Hip-Hop, Boom Bap, R&B, and more!

Production Influences

Hit Boy, Oz, Wondagurl, South Side, J Dilla, Kanye West, Metro Boomin. Jake One



Credits: Dougie F, T9INE, 732CASH, SHOTTA Spence, Cloudy Nueve 

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