Billy Sexton

Tracking Engineer


My name is Billy Sexton, I’m 21 years old, and I’m happy to say I’m the latest edition to the DLM family! I got my start at Harlem’s MusicWorksNYC as an intern and then junior audio engineer under Grammy Nominated Hip-Hop/Jazz-hop Producer Chris Theberge in 2016 at the age of 16. After that I moved my career up north to the Boston Underground Punk Landmark “Odiox Studios” as an entry audio engineer and DAW instructor for up and coming producers in rock and hardcore punk. Putting out some of the hardest and most underground music in the scene. 

Now I’m taking my skills and my talents right to you at DLM Studios. With both a knowledge and experience in hip-hop and hardcore, I am assured to give the cleanest vocals and the thickest 808s every session, every time. Whether you’re just recording a track for fun or looking to bring the world’s next big album to life, me and the rest of the DLM staff got you covered.