Adrian "Adriatic" Williams

Studio Director/Chief Engineer of Neon Monk

Adriatic developed a distinct sound by making a whole lot out of just a little. Coming from a multi-ethnic midwestern background, he grew up in the era where the bridge between hip-hop and pop music became more intentional. By blending analog synthesizers, sp-202 sampling and live instrumentation, Adriatic has become the uncontested architect of Neo Trip-Hop. Adriatic became the youngest performer to play their original music at Soundset, the world’s largest Hip-Hop festival, in 2014. Without a doubt, Adriatic plans to keep things in motion through the new decade.


Abstract Rude, Myka 9, Bukue One, Onry Ozzborn, Spooky Black, Chester Watson, Kristoff Krane, Medium Zach, Dex Amora, Tecah One, Nazeem, Deanna, Dex Amora, Jada Brown, Rich Garvey, Ness Nite, Jayso Creative, Julian Fairbanks, and my former bands Pseudoubt, Origami Bones, Future Lens and Cool Pollution

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